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The Rachel Roy collection displayed through DANCE! Shout out to my boy Jermaine B for choreographing this. AMAZING



As you can see, I use Pandora A LOT! I thought i’d give a recommendation for every mood. Claude Vonstroke playlist: this is a nice playlist for the “getting ready to go party” while still in the house. It has a lot of dance music, but also you’ll hit a few slower, more mellow tracks. J-Dilla playlist: let’s be real, if you want good hip-hop to vibe out to alone, click this playlist. I can rock out to this playlist alone… it puts me in a writing zone. U2 playlist: rockers unite with this playlist. I was raised on Bono and those boys, so this station always does wonders for me. Flying Lotus playlist: if you smoke, play this station.

(tattoo pictures up on Monday)

???? I was recently on google searching for different styles of writing for tattoo’s and I came across this picture of this tattoo. Kind of creepy, yah?

Well hello my darling huge apple readers. Hope your weekend has been treating you right and you are enjoying this lovely 42 degrees weather. ( snow AND cold are on their way ) Ya know, how you ever thought about who your neighbor really is? Well I want to know.

I live in a small building. A bodega is on the first floor, my apartment is on the second floor and there is another apartment above mine. That Is It! Now, we didn’t really take notice to the one older woman living above us until recently. One time, she came down to ask us to turn our music down (wasn’t THAT loud) and as she started yelling at my roomie, her nose was bleeding and she was shaking. She also has people come in and out of her apartment at odd hours of the day and night and most of them are big men with big black bags or shopping carts. AND, every morning when I wake up her smoke detector goes off for a good 10 minutes. What is she cooking every day like that? Weird stuff though…. haha. I mean, have you ever took notice to your neighbor (s)? You may notice some weird ish.



What to do

But take a photo

of myself.


Never let ur EGO grow beyond your control. Because then.. you will never know its controlling you-

shout out to my boy Hoxtah from Philly for saying this. word up.